Finding solutions to warning lights and fault code reading

Using the latest equipment at Busy Bee, we have the ability to accurately diagnose and identify any problems that are related to your car’s engine. Effective and efficient fault diagnostic tests enable us to quickly find a solution to your car troubles. It also means you can save time and money, ensuring that any parts are ordered correctly the first time and problems are fixed in the right areas to get back on the road.

Warning lights on your dashboard

Most modern vehicles display a signal when something goes wrong. This is when a warning light appears on your dashboard. Each individual light could be connected to a number of things and an engine diagnostic test is the only way to find out. Your car displays this warning light so that you can find a local garage and get the problem identified and fixed.

What happens during an engine diagnostic test?

When your car visits us here at Busy Bee for an engine diagnostic test, we connect your vehicle to an engine diagnostic tool and fault readers. This identifies your specific make and model of the vehicle and will have in its system the exact manufacturer specifications that help your car to handle and operate each day. Just the way it was designed. This technology then reads the code produced by the Engine Control Unit in your vehicle. This code then tells our technicians what the issue is so they can identify the right parts and repairs that are required for your vehicle.

Are the repairs included in a diagnostic test?

Unfortunately, additional repairs are not included in the diagnostic test and price. This is because we won’t know what the issue is until this test has been conducted. We don’t like to set false pricing at Busy Bee. We’re always honest and transparent when it comes to our prices, which is why we’ll then provide a quote for your repairs accurately based on what we find. That way, you always get repairs that are right for your car and are charged accordingly.

Why do I need a diagnostic check?

The reason a test is needed to diagnose warning lights is that your car is so complex. The list of potential problems associated with a warning light can be anything from 1 to 100 things. This includes low fluids such as your oil, temperature issues or engine sensors in your car. The technology is needed so we can identify the issue in minimal time at full accuracy. Then we can recommend any remedial work that is needed, fix the problem and reset the warning light.

For further information about booking your diagnostic check then please call the team on 01273 812903.

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